Chapter 7 Summary

Sheriff Bell does not like to talk about the Vietnam War. He lost his squad but still received a medal. He does not like how the veterans deserted their people. He once read of a survey of teachers in the 1930s concerning the major discipline problems in school. The top problems were talking in class, running in the halls, and chewing gum. The major problems in today’s schools are rape, murder, drugs, and suicide. People laugh at Bell for his outrage and say it is a sign of old age. He went to a conference once and met a woman who hoped that someday her daughter would be free to have an abortion. Bell told her that, the way the country is going, her daughter will be able to have an abortion and have her mother put to sleep.

Chigurh goes to Houston and kills the drug dealer who hired Carson Wells to kill him. As the man dies slowly, Chigurh explains that he used buckshot to kill him so as not to break the glass window, which would fall on the people below. When the man dies, Chigurh picks up the shell casing and leaves.

Carla Jean and her mother arrive at the bus station to leave for El Paso. The mother complains to the taxi driver that she has cancer and now she has no home. She tells Carla Jean that she predicted this would happen three years before, but Carla Jean points out that she did not know Moss three years before.

Chigurh arrives at the home of Carla Jean’s mother after the two women have left. He looks through the bedrooms and finds pictures of Carla Jean, which he puts in his pocket. He looks through the mail and picks out the phone bill. He sees that there was a call to the Terrell County Sheriff’s Department. He sleeps there for the night, then he continues to rummage and finds more mail in the desk drawer.

Moss hires a taxi driver to drive him down to the river, where he picks up the money case. He then has the driver take him to San Antonio. He buys a gun and a truck and drives off down the highway. He picks up a young girl hitchhiker and has her drive while he sleeps.

When Sheriff Bells arrives home, his wife gives him a piece of paper with a phone number. Carla Jean called from El Paso. He returns her call. Carla Jean offers to tell him where Moss called from if Bell promises that no harm will come to him. All Bell can promise is that no harm will come to Moss from him. Carla Jean agrees to this.

A man is listening in on Carla Jean’s phone call and tells Chigurh where Moss is. Chigurh takes a machine gun and drives off in a new car, a Barracuda.