Chapter 2 Summary

Sheriff Bell reflects on whether law enforcement is getting more dangerous. He relates one incident in which he stopped to check on a pickup he found by the side of a road. As he pulled up, he saw someone hand a shotgun out to two boys in the back, who then opened fire on Bell. Bell still reads the newspapers every morning, but he sees increased violence all over. His wife will not read the papers anymore.

Bell answers a call from one of his officers, Torbert, about a body out on the highway. He and Officer Wendell investigate and find a man shot in the head lying in the trunk of the car. A receipt in his pocket identifies him as Bill Wyrick. Bell orders Torbert to fill out the report but omit the name because this is not verified yet. Bell then drives to Sonora to find the courthouse taped off as a crime scene. Officer Lamar gives him the details of a deputy who was shot; he regrets that he has to inform the deputy’s wife of his death. Lamar tells Bell that he does not believe this crime is anything they have seen before and contemplates resigning. Bell hopes he does not resign because he will need all the men he can get to deal with this crime.

Moss takes a bus back home, where his wife, Carla Jean, questions him. As she feeds him breakfast, Carla Jean notices the buckshot wound on his arm and his wounded leg. Moss refuses to give her a straight answer. Instead, he tells her to pack up her things and go to her mother’s house in Odessa. He warns her that anything she leaves behind she will not see again.

Chigurh stops at a filling station in Sheffield, Texas, to get gas. When the proprietor asks him if he has been getting any rain “up [his] way,” Chigurh becomes belligerent. The proprietor asks Chigurh if he wants anything else, and Chigurh acts as if this is an unreasonable request. The proprietor is now suspicious and fearful and tells Chigurh that he has to close. After an exchange indicating that Chigurh...

(The entire section is 504 words.)