Chapter 10 Summary

Ellis had asked Bell what brought up his guilt over deserting his men. Bell replies that it was always there. He wonders why God never came into Ellis’s life. He thinks that He does come into the lives of those who need it most. He thinks of his uncle Harold, who never came home from the war. Bell has his medal, but Uncle Harold got nothing. Bell goes out to the caldera one more time. All he finds are some shell casings. He talks to his daughter, who would be thirty years old if she had not died. He thinks people would think he is crazy, but he usually does what he imagines his daughter would tell him to do.

Bell receives a call from a detective in Odessa, who says that the gun used to kill Carla Jean Moss was found in Louisiana. The two boys who stole it from the truck sold it. The detective gives him the name of the investigator of the accident. Bell calls him to find out some more details. The boys who had been driving the car that hit Chigurh were high on dope. The two in the front seat were killed, but the one in the back seat survived. They were all Mexicans. Bell wants to come to talk to the boy who stole the gun, David DeMarco.

The next morning, Bell talks to the boy, who insists that there was no one else with him although the police report states that there were two of them. David will give no details about Chigurh’s appearance. The next day, Bell goes to the high school and quickly discovers the identity of the other boy. Bell questions him, and this boy is willing to talk. David had pressured him to keep quiet because they had taken the man’s money as a promise not to give any information about him to the police. The boy gives Bell a physical description of Chigurh (in his mid-thirties, medium height and weight, dark hair) and adds that he had a broken arm that did not seem to bother him. Other than that, he had no distinguishing features. Bell assures the boy that he is not in trouble. He tells the boy that you never know where things will take you. The boy agrees, saying that he has learned something from this. Bell asks him if he thinks David learned anything. The boy simply says that he cannot speak for David.