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No Apparent Distress is a memoir by Rachel Pearson. In the book, she recounts various stories and occurrences in her journey to becoming an accomplished health practitioner. In her story, she casts some light on the inequalities that patients contend with from time to time. In her memoir, there are various characters, as described below.

Rachel Pearson is the main character in the memoir. She describes her journey to become an accomplished medical practitioner. She recounts the confusion, errors, and other challenges encountered in her journey to become a medical practitioner. She starts by illustrating a case of a white medical student who is believed to have expedited the death of a black patient, Mr. Rose, who had sought treatment in a clinic that was operated by students. This case haunts Rachel and prompts her to expose the politics and other stories where medical students use the bodies of the poor for learning purposes. Another character is Mrs. Klein who was a patient at St. Vincent’s. She had an abdominal mass that had grown over the years. Rachel elaborates the hardships that she went through to have volunteers from the faculty to conduct a biopsy and interpret the findings. Pearson also describes Doctor Houston as another character whose medical practice included laser hair removal and Botox injections. Frank is yet another character described by the author in the memoir. Frank is gay and is distressed to the point of committing suicide. Further, Pearson elaborates how she failed to include abnormal findings in the urinalysis report of a patient; thus, resulting to a wrong diagnosis. The patient was later diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.