Nineteenth-Century Sanitation Reform Criticism: Primary Texts - Essay

Fraser's Magazine (essay date November 1847)

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: “The Sanitary Commission, and the Health of the Metropolis.” Fraser's Magazine 36, no. 215 (November 1847): 505-517.

[In the following excerpt, Fraser's Magazine gives its support to the sanitary reform movement under Chadwick. The authors emphasize the importance of sanitary reform to solving many social problems, suggesting that sanitation could take the place of extensive charity efforts for the poor.]

We look forward with much interest, and some impatience, to the appearance of the blue book which is to embody the labours of the new Sanitary Commission. As a general rule, we have little confidence in commissions, unless they contain one man...

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Edinburgh Review (essay date April 1850)

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: “Supply of Water to the Metropolis.” Edinburgh Review 91 (April 1850): 403.

[In the following excerpt, the author argues that sanitation is an issue touching all classes, although Christian charity requires the higher classes to help improve the squalid conditions of the poor.]

The statesman, in the pride of conscious power, while by the magic of his words he bends the assembled Commons to his will, is the prey of an influence subtler than his own. When the strong excitement of the hour has passed away, the unstrung nerves, the feverish pulse, the throbbing head, may warn him, when it is too late, that a heavy vapour from the pestilential courts of...

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