Nineteenth-Century Historical Fiction Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Analyzes the relationship between the writing of historical novels and the study of history.

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Traces the development of the genre in Ireland and provides analysis of Sir Walter Scott's influence on Irish historical fiction.

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Discusses the depiction of English history in Victorian literature.

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Provides an in-depth study of the American historical romance including discussion on regionalism, the role of the hero and heroine, and historical romances of the South.

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Analyzes the history and criticism of English historical fiction from the birth of the genre through the twentieth century.

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Offers a detailed analysis of American historical fiction.

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Examines the relationship between fiction and history in Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels.

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Theoretical examination of the genre from a Marxist viewpoint emphasizing the impact of social and economic developments on historical fiction.

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Discusses the historical novels, known as episodios nacionales, of Spain's Benito Pérez Galdós.

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