Nineteenth-Century American Periodicals Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


Albaugh, Gaylord P. History and Annotated Bibliography of American Religious Periodicals and Newspapers Established from 1730 through 1830. 2 vols. Worcester, Mass.: American Antiquarian Society, 1994, 1,456 p.

Compiles 590 religious periodicals and newspapers that appeared under 867 titles from 1730 to 1830.

Arndt, Karl J. R., and May E. Olson. German-American Newspapers and Periodicals, 1732-1955: History and Bibliography. Second, revised edition. Heidelberg: Quelle & Meyer, 1965, 810 p.

Documents approximately five thousand U. S. periodicals and newspapers, arranged geographically by state....

(The entire section is 1140 words.)