Nikolai Gogol Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Nikolai Gogol Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

The cover of the first edition of Dead Souls, designed by Nikolai Gogol himself, reads as follows: “The Adventures of Chichikov or Dead Souls. A Poem by N. Gogol. 1842.” “The Adventures of Chichikov” is in the smallest print, “Dead Souls” is more than twice that size, and “A Poem” is twice again the size of “Dead Souls.” The word “or” is barely legible. The fact that “The Adventures of Chichikov” was inserted at the insistence of the censor, who felt that “Dead Souls” alone smacked of blasphemy, accounts for one-half of this typographical irregularity. The fact that “A Poem” (Russian poema, which usually designates an epic poem in verse) dominates the cover of a prose...

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