The Plot

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Nights at the Circus begins in the London dressing room of Sophie Fevvers, an English circus star. Her maid, Lizzie, slaps cold cream on Sophie’s face while Sophie answers questions from an American reporter. Jack Walser, from California, is skeptical of Sophie’s story, to say the least. He doubts that the wings on Sophie’s back are real.

Sophie claims that she was not born; instead, she was hatched. She insists that she is partly bird. Walser takes down notes of the fabulous story told by Sophie and backed up by Lizzie. They tell of Sophie’s childhood, spent in a whorehouse, and of how she learned to fly.

To resolve his doubts and to get a better story, Walser joins the circus. He is hired as a clown by Colonel Kearney, the owner of the circus. The colonel, originally from Kentucky, has a pig named Sybil and drinks mint juleps in the middle of the morning. He plans a circus tour that will go from London to St. Petersburg, Russia, then to Siberia, Japan, and finally the United States for the start of the twentieth century. Walser tags along on the tour and endures some harsh abuse. He survives a tiger assault and a train wreck as he tries to get his story. He also takes in a destitute singer, the Ape-Man’s former wife.

Fevvers, meanwhile, hurts her wings when the train they take through Russia derails and wrecks. She and Lizzie are carried off by the bandits who caused the violent wreck. The bandits want...

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Literary Techniques

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Throughout her career, Carter constantly sought to speak the previously unspeakable, to express a broader range of experience than hitherto...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

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A challenging and playful novel that can be read on many levels, Nights at the Circus encourages readers to re-evaluate many long-held...

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Social Concerns

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What if ... a woman could fly? gender roles were reversed? patriarchy, capitalism, and the class system were no more? romance and other myths...

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Literary Precedents

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Magic Realist fiction includes such disparate texts as One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Beloved by Toni...

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Related Titles

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A highly prolific writer before she succumbed to cancer in 1992 at the age of fifty-one, Angela Carter put her dazzling imagination and...

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