Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Christopher Glowry

Christopher Glowry, the master of Nightmare Abbey, who is largely interested in eating and drinking. He is boorish and coarse. He refuses to allow his son to marry the woman of his choice, because she has no fortune. He finally changes his mind, but by that time it is too late; the young lady has discarded his son and accepted another proposal.

Scythrop Glowry

Scythrop Glowry, Christopher Glowry’s son, a gloomy, boorish, unmannerly young man. He has a rather morbid interest in dungeons, secret panels, and skulls. He falls in love with his cousin, but his father will not allow the marriage. Later, when he is not able to decide between two girls, the two young ladies both accept other men, and he is left to drink his wine alone. He is supposed to represent Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Marionetta Celestina O’Carroll

Marionetta Celestina O’Carroll, Glowry’s niece and Scythrop’s cousin. She is coquettish, and Scythrop falls in love with her. She has no fortune, however, and is allowed to remain in the house only as a guest. She finally accepts the proposal of a dandy named Listless.

Mr. Toobad

Mr. Toobad, Glowry’s friend. He and Glowry agree that his daughter would be a good match for Scythrop. He goes to London to bring her to Nightmare Abbey, but she discovers his purpose and disappears.

Celinda Toobad (Stella)


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