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Topics for Further Study

(Nonfiction Classics for Students)

  • How does Elie arrive at the conclusion that he is stronger than God?
  • Talking with Jason Harris for the Tamalpais News in 1995, Wiesel offered this parable: "A man is walking alone in the woods; he's lost and looking for a way out. Suddenly he sees another man a short distance away from him. He runs over to the man and exclaims, 'Thank God you're here! I'm saved! Surely you know the way out!' to which the man responds, 'First of all: don't go back that way—he points—'I just came from there.'" If one considers 'there' as the subject of Night, what is Wiesel suggesting about modern morality? Does it hint at a positive future?
  • Consider the following passage: "The stomach alone was aware of the passage of time." What is the function of time in the novel? What mind/body problems does Elie discover in his fight for survival? Lastly, consider that...

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