Why might people feel "unencumbered" by a poor person? Is this attitude common today?

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Poor people often need the help and support of those in the community, but in relieving the burdens of those in poverty, the community often finds itself the bearer of these burdens. For example, when a family member is discovered to have a drug or alcohol problem, the family may offer help and support. As a result, the addict is relieved of some responsibility and worry; however, the family then feels extra responsibility and worry. Take a look at the welfare system of the US. The indigent population receiviing welfare has more food, more money, more safety and more care and well-being; however, it is the citizenry at large that provide those services. It is the taxes of the general populus that creates the money for these services, so in essence, the entire community is paying higher taxes to take care of those that cannot afford to take care of themselves. This is a huge debate between the Republicans and Democrats as well! This issue is seen in government and even in schools; it's difficult to assess and decide where to end the help, and this is the very issue that Weisel struggles with in Night.

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