What caused the Holocaust, how could it occur in a "civilized" world, and what might have ended it sooner? How can countries or the UN prevent another Holocaust and what can individuals do?

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I think many people have asked themselves the same questions that you are asking about the Holocaust. Books like "Night" are important because they keep the story of the Holocoaust alive and make people ask the questions that you are asking. Many people say that the Holocaust was allowed to continue because people were too scared to stand up for other people, fearing they would be next. People also hoped that what they had heard wasn't true, that it could never be that horrific, therefore, they stayed silent. I think one of the things that "Night" tries to do, and does very succesfully, is to show what the individual can do. If every individual stood up to their own government, protested, and showed that they cared for humanity, and not just for themselves or their own nation, an event like the Holocaust hopefully could not exist. By writing "Night" ELie Wiesel was doing just that, speaking out to prevent future tragedies.

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