In Night by Elie Wiesel, what happens after Wiesel's father stays behind at the camp?

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When author Elie Wiesel is forced to leave his father behind in Buna after Mr. Wiesel had been selected for extermination, Elie worries all day long while at work. He does not know if he will go back to camp to find that his father is gone or still alive. His friends Yossi and Tibi spend the day trying to reassure Elie, and he is given lighter work than usual. 

"I did not know myself what I wanted--for the day to pass quickly or not. I was afraid of finding myself alone that night. How good it would be to die here" (Wiesel 72)!

When finally the prisoners begin their march back to camp, Elie hopes for orders to run, but they do not come. He marches back to Buna with the others, and as soon as he passes through the gate, he begins to run as fast as he can to his father's Block.

The men had gone through another selection that day, and to his great relief and joy, his father had not been selected this time. Earlier Mr. Wiesel had given Elie his belongings, specifically his spoon and knife. Now Elie is able to give these back to his father.

Though Mr. Wiesel escaped death, Akiba Drumer was not so lucky. He had been telling the others he could no longer go on, and the Nazis made sure he would not.

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