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Unit Test for Night by Elie Wiesel

by clstockdale80

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts
  • Age Levels: Grade 10
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Part 1: Multiple Choice: Read each statement carefully. Circle the letter for the answer that best completes each statement. There is only one best answer for each item.

  • Moche the Beadle escaped the slaughter because a.) he was a man of God. b.) he was wounded in the leg and thought dead. c.) he ran to the other side during selection. d.) the Germans thought he was crazy and let him go.
  • To silence the cries of “Fire!” from Madame Schachter, the men on the train a.) convinced her that everything would turn out fine. b.) threatened to take her son away. c.) tied her up, put a gag in her mouth, and struck her. d.) threw her out of the door as the train was moving.
  • The prisoner told Elie and his father to lie about their ages a.) in order to make it past the first selection. b.) so they could get on the crematory work crew. c.) because the prisoner was trying to get them killed. d.) so they wouldn’t have to do any work in the camp.
  • Elie prevented the dentist from removing the gold crown on his tooth by a.) taking it out himself and hiding it. b.) being sent to the hospital for an injured foot. c.) jumping into the wrong line during roll call. d.) lying that he did not feel well and had a fever.
  • Before evacuating the concentration camp, the men are ordered to clean the block a.) in order to remain clean before God and their fellow Jews. b.) because the Germans promised death if they didn’t. c.) so whoever finds the camp will know men lived there, not pigs. d.) because it kept their minds off of the terrible journey ahead.
  • During the evacuation, when Elie tells the Rabbi he hasn’t seen his son a.) he is purposefully lying to spare the old man’s feelings. b.) he, at first, forgot that he had seen him running even though his father fell back. c.) he goes with the Rabbi to help find him. d.) the guards beat Elie and the Rabbi for talking too loudly.
  • Elie’s father is almost killed when a.) he steals some bread from one of the prisoners. b.) he saved Elie from being beaten by the Germans. c.) he tries to climb over the outer fence of the camp. d.) some of the men mistake him for dead on the train.
  • Elie decides to give water to his father in the hospital because a.) his father begged so long that he gave in. b.) water was the only thing that could heal his dysentery. c.) he had stolen some from the other patients. d.) the doctor ordered him to.
  • After the camp liberation, Elie became ill with a.) dysentery. b.) food poisoning. c.) pneumonia. d.) fever.
  • The first time the resistance movement acts in the novel is when a.) the Germans first enforce the curfew. b.) the prisoners arrive at Auschwitz. c.) the camp was being liquidated, shortly before the Americans arrived. d.) the first bombs are dropped near the concentration camp.


10 multiple choice questions with one constructed response.