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Night Chapters 7-9

by afi80fl

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Age Levels: Grade 10
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  • Lesson Essential Question: How can we use our knowledge of various cultures to develop our intellectual and moral faculties?
  • A corpse stared back at me. This is what Elie said when he saw himself for the first time in a mirror after being liberated from the camp. Do you think this has an ambiguous meaning? How so?
  • Reading Log: How many books have you read so far in class this year? List them. What books were your favorite? Your least favorite? Why?
  • Application-based Vocabulary: ambiguous (adj) – having a double meaning.
  • Write a sentence that contains a word with an ambiguous meaning.
  • Literature: Review the final chapter of Night, including the death of Elie’s father, Elie’s feelings toward it, the lack of revenge, and the corpse quote.
  • Literary Activity: Complete Chapter 7-9 Comprehension Check, ensuring understanding of the chapter before moving on.
  • Grammar Instruction: Irregular verbs, principal parts, past tense/participle.
  • Summarizing Strategies: Students will use active reading strategies to assist them in retaining information, using experiential, textual, cultural, social, psychological, and cultural notations as a basis for their summations.
  • Assessment: Successful completion of reading log (reflection over reading for the semester)

Demonstrated understanding of verb tenses and the past participle form (written/oral, formative)


Covers Night, Chapters 7,8,& 9. Also covers past participle and past tense verbs for the grammar activity.