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Night - Chapter 4 Notes

by afi80fl

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
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Night – Chapter 4 Notes

Smiles, Soup, Bread and… Pedophiles?

Elie thought that the guards at Buna were extraordinarily nice, since they gave him extra rations and were civil to him. However, he soon found out that they were simply fond of little boys; there was “considerable traffic inchildren among homosexuals.”

The Dentist

At a surprise dentist appointment, Elie explained that he didn’t have a toothache; he soon learned he was there to have a gold tooth extracted for its value.

The Young French Woman

Believing her to be an Aryan (white) who spoke only French, Elie admired her from afar. She helped him when he was beaten, and comforted him in German. Later, he learned she was actually a Jew who forged her ancestory.

Franek, Rusty Spoons, and Fillings

When Elie refused to give Franek (a Polish prisoner) his gold filling, a dentist removed it forcibly with a rusty spoon in the bathroom one evening as part of a deal to spare his father humiliation at not being able to march.


Low-level notes over Elie Weisel's Night, Chapter 4