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Section 9 Summary

Elie remains at Buchenwald until April 11. The time between his father’s death and his release are a blank. Nothing matters in life; nothing can touch him. He is transferred to the children’s block (he is fifteen years old) along with six hundred others. The end of the war is approaching. The Allied armies are approaching. However, the only thought that Elie has is of food. All his dreams are about food.

On April 5, there is a delay in the call to gather in the square. This has never happened before; everyone is sure something has happened. Two hours later, the loudspeaker announces that all Jews must come to the assembly place. Elie is sure that this is the end for the Jews, that Hitler’s Final Solution of the extinction of all of them is about to take place. The guard tells the children that this is the only thing they can do. However, one of prisoners tells them to go back to their block and stay there, which they do. There is a camp resistance organization that has armed itself and is prepared to fight back should the final extinction commence. They will not let the Jews be exterminated.

A general roll call is announced in which all the prisoners will have to present...

(The entire section is 436 words.)