Night Over Water

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Pan American’s Flying Clipper is leaving England days after Europe plunges into World War II. A disparate group boards the luxurious flying boat for safe passage to the United States. First, there is the Marquis of Oxenford and his family; Oxenford must flee England lest his past association with fascism lead to his imprisonment. Equally interested in avoiding confinement is Harry Marks, whose career as a society thief has hit a snag which requires him to seek greener pastures.

Diane Lovesay, on the other hand, hopes to escape marital conformity in Manchester for romance in California in the arms of Mark Alder. Diane’s plans are somewhat complicated by the arrival of her erstwhile husband, Mervyn, in the company of Nancy Lenehan, who has joined the flight at the last moment to foil a plan by her brother to sell the family firm to a competitor. Unbeknownst to all is a plot to force the plane down before it can reach its destination. Thus, as Diane finds herself torn between two loves, Nancy endeavors to combat treachery, Margaret Oxenford dreams of escaping parental tyranny and Harry Marks contemplates and unexpected fortune, forces beyond their control conspire to produce a nightmare which puts everyone to the test.

With NIGHT OVER WATER, Ken Follett, whose last outing was the magisterial historical romance THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH, returns to the genre which brought him his initial success. NIGHT OVER WATER is a masterful thriller which combines historical fact and complex twists of plot to produce a page-turning spectacular destined to place readers on the edge of their seats.