Nicole Krauss Biography


What most critics first mention about Nicole Krauss is her marriage to fellow writer Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It is hard not to bring up this fact, especially since Krauss's second novel includes similar elements found in her husband's work. But according to Boris Kachka, writing for the New York Magazine, Krauss is very reluctant to give up any information about her marriage.

Krauss is also very stingy when it comes to revealing aspects of her personal life. Kachka did find out that Krauss grew up in wealth on Long Island. Her grandfather is a manufacturer of gears. Her father is a surgeon. Krauss attended both Stanford and Oxford universities, and for a while considered herself a poet. After talking to her, Kachka noted that Krauss seemed a lot like one of the protagonists in The History of Love—Alma Singer.

Krauss was born in 1974. She lives in a posh house in Brooklyn, and she and Foer have a son. Krauss's first novel, Man Walks into a Room (2002), enjoyed great popularity and a lot of media attention. It is rumored that her first novel also provided Krauss with a six-figure advance.

In an interview with Alden Mudge, for the online publication BookPage, Krauss said: "I write because I want to reach people and have the kind of conversation with them that can happen only through a book."