Principal mystery and detective fiction

(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1886-1887

The Old Detective’s Pupil, 1886; One Against Twenty-One, 1886; A Wall Street Haul, 1886; The American Marquee, 1887

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, A-C

The Amazonian Queen; The Automobile Fiend; A Bad Man from Montana; A Bad Man from Nome; Bare-Faced Jimmy, Gentleman Burglar; A Beautiful Anarchist; The Brotherhood of Free Russia; By Command of the Czar; The Chemical Clue; The Conquest of a Kingdom; The Conspiracy of a Nation; The Countess Zita’s Defense; The Crime Behind the Throne; The Crimson Clue; The Cross of Daggers

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, D-F

The Dead Man in the Car; A Dead Man’s Hand; The Devil Worshippers; The Diplomatic Spy; Doctor Quartz Again; Doctor Quartz’s Last Play; Doctor Quartz, the Second; Doctor Quartz, the Second, at Bay; An Emperor at Bay; The Empire of Goddess; Eulalia, the Bandit Queen; The Face at the Window; Facing an Unseen Terror; The Famous Case of Doctor Quartz; The Fate of Doctor Quartz; A Fight for Millions; Four Scraps of Paper

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, G-L

The Gentleman Crook’s Last Act; The Ghost of Bare-Faced Jimmy; The Gold Mine; The Great Hotel Murders; The Great Spy System; The Haunted Circus; Her Shrewd Double; Holding Up a Nation; Ida, the Woman Detective; Idayah, the Woman of Mystery; The Index of Seven Stars; The International Conspiracy; Ismalla, the Chieftain; The Jiu-Jitsu Puzzle; Kairo, the Strong; Kid Curry’s Last Stand; The Klondike Bank Puzzle; The Last of Mustushimi; The Last of the Outlaws; The Last of the Seven; A Life at Stake; The Little Giant’s Double; Looted in Transit

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, M

The Madness of Morgan; Maguay, the Mexican; The Making of a King; The Man from Arizona; The Man from Nevada; The Man from Nowhere; The Master Crook’s Match; The Master Rogue’s Alibi; The Midnight Visitor; Migno Duprez, the Female Spy; Miguel, the Avenger; A Million Dollar Hold-Up; Murder for Revenge; A Mystery from the Klondike; A Mystery in India Ink; The Mystery Man of 7-Up Ranch; The Mystery of the Mikado

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, N

Nick Carter After Bob Dalton(also known as Nick Carter a Prisoner); Nick Carter Among the Bad Men; Nick Carter and the Circus Crooks (also known as Fighting the Circus Crooks); Nick Carter and the Convict Gang; Nick Carter and the Guilty Governor; Nick Carter and the Hangman’s Noose; Nick Carter and the Nihilists; Nick Carter at the Track; Nick Carter in Harness Again; Nick Carter’s Master Struggle; Nick Carter’s Midnight Visitor; Nick Carter’s Strange Power; Nick Carter’s Submarine Clue; The Nihilists’; Second Move

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, O-P

Old Broadbrim in a Deep Case Sea Struggle; Old Broadbrim Leagued with Nick Carter; Old Broadbrim’s Clew from the Dead; The Passage of the Night Local; Patsy’s Vacation Problem; Pedro, the Dog Detective; A Plot for a Crown; The Plot of the Stantons; Plotters Against a Nation; A Plot Within a Palace; The Princess’; Last Effort; The Prison Cipher; The Prison Demon; A Pupil of Doctor Quartz

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, Q-S

The Queen of the Seven; The Red Button; Return from the Dead; The Secret Agent; The Secret of the Mine; Secrets of a Haunted House; The Seven-Headed Monster; The Skidoo of the K.U. and T.; A Strange Bargain

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, T-V

Ten-Ichi, the Wonderful; The Thirteen’s Oath of Vengeance; Three Thousand Miles of Freight; The Tiger Tamer; A Tragedy of the Bowery; Trailing a Secret Thread; The Two Chittendens; The Veiled Princess

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1887-1917, W-Z

A White House Mystery; A Woman to the Rescue; The Woman Wizard’s Hate; Zanoni the Terrible; Zanoni the Transfigured; Zanoni, the Woman Wizard

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1888-1897

The Crime of a Countess, 1888; Fighting Against Millions, 1888; The Great Enigma, 1888; The Piano Box Mystery, 1888; A Stolen Identity, 1888; A Titled Counterfeiter, 1888; A Woman’s Hand, 1888; Nick Carter, Detective, 1891; An Australian Klondyke, 1897; Caught in the Toils, 1897; The Gambler’s Syndicate, 1897; A Klondike Claim, 1897; The Mysterious Mail Robbery, 1897; Playing a Bold Game, 1897; Tracked Across the Atlantic, 1897

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1898

The Accidental Password; Among the Counterfeiters; Among the Nihilists; At Odds with Scotland Yard; At Thompson’s Ranch; A Chance Discovery; Check No. 777; A Deposit Fault Puzzle; The Double Shuffle Club; Evidence by Telephone; A Fair Criminal; Found on the Beach; The Man from India; A Millionaire Partner

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1899

The Adventures of Harrison Keith, Detective; A Bite of an Apple, and Other Stories; The Clever Celestial; The Crescent Brotherhood; A Dead Man’s Grip; The Detective’s Pretty Neighbor, and Other Stories; The Diamond Mine Case; Gideon Drexel’s Millions, and Other Stories; The Great Money Order Swindle; A Herald Personal, and Other Stories; The Man Who Vanished; Nick Carter and the Green Goods Men; Nick Carter’s Clever Protégé; The Puzzle of Five Pistols, and Other Stories; Sealed Orders; The Sign of Crossed Knives; The Stolen Race Horse; The Stolen Pay Train, and Other Stories; The Twelve Tin Boxes; The Twelve Wise Men; Two Plus Two; The Van Alstine Case; Wanted by Two Clients

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1900

After the Bachelor Dinner; Brought to Bay; Convicted by a Camera; The Crime of the French Cafe, and Other Stories; Crossed Wires; The Elevated Railroad Mystery, and Other Stories; A Frame Work of Fate; A Game of Craft; Held for Trial; Lady Velvet; The Man Who Stole Millions; Nick Carter Down East; Nick Carter’s Clever Ruse; Nick Carter’s Girl Detective; Nick Carter’s Retainer; Nick Carter’s Star Pupils; A Princess of Crime; The Silent Passenger; A Victim of Circumstances

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1901

The Blow of a Hammer, and Other Stories; A Bogus Clew; The Bottle with the Black Label; Desperate Chance; The Dumb Witness, and Other Stories; In Letters of Fire; The Man at the Window; The Man from London; The Man of Mystery; Millions at Stake, and Other Stories; The Missing Cotton King; The Mysterious Highwayman; The Murray Hill Mystery; The Price of a Secret; A Prince of a Secret; A Prince of Rogues; The Queen of Knaves, and Other Stories; A Scrap of Black Lace; The Seal of Silence; The Steel Casket, and Other Stories; The Testimony of a Mouse; A Triple Crime

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1902

At the Knife’s Point; Behind a Mask; The Claws of the Tiger; A Deal in Diamonds; A Double-Handed Game; A False Combination; Hounded to Death; Man Against Man; The Man and His Price; A Move in the Dark; Nick Carter’s Death Warrant; Played to a Finish; A Race for Ten Thousand; The Red Signal; Run to Earth; A Stroke of Policy; A Syndicate of Rascals; The Tell-Tale Photographs; The Toss of a Coin; A Trusted Rogue; Two Villains in One; The Vial of Death; Wearing the Web

Nick Carter (dime novels and pulps) series: 1903

The Barrel Mystery; A Blackmailer’s Bluff; A Blood-Red Badge; A Blow for Vengeance; A Bonded Villain; The Cashiers’ Secret; The Chair of Evidence; A Checkmated Scoundrel; Circumstantial Evidence; The Cloak of Guilt; The Council of Death; The Crown Diamond; The Fatal Prescription; A...

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