Chapters 52-54 Summary

Nicholas continues to run even when Newman Noggs catches up and tells him that he is unlikely to change Mr. Bray’s mind. When Nicholas speaks of going to see his uncle instead, Newman says this is also likely to be fruitless. Nicholas eventually goes home, determined to find some way to stop Madeline’s marriage.

Mrs. Kenwig is despairing that her eldest daughter, Morleena, is in need of a haircut but she has no time to take her. Newman volunteers and takes Morleena to the barbershop. The only other customer is an old man getting a shave. Morleena sits patiently, but then she cries out when she recognizes the old man as her great-uncle Lillyvick. Lillyvick asks Newman if the Kenwigs took the news of his marriage...

(The entire section is 550 words.)