Nibelungenlied Summary

Chapters 1-10 Summary

(Epics for Students)

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Chapter 1
The Nibelungenlied opens with an exhortation to the reader to expect a tale of brave knights and furious...

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Chapters 11-20 Summary

(Epics for Students)

Chapter 11
Siegfried and Kriemhild prepare to return to the Netherlands, but not before Gunther, Giselher, and Gernot arrange to...

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Chapters 21-30 Summary

(Epics for Students)

Chapter 21
Kriemhild and her company travel through Bavaria to Passau, where she encounters Bishop Pilgrim, her uncle. They pass...

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Chapters 31-39 Summary

(Epics for Students)

Chapter 31
After morning mass, festivities commence, with games and mock battles. One of these is the "bohort," a pageantry...

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