Section 4 Summary: Negotiating with Escobar and Epilogue

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Negotiating with Escobar
When Maruja is not released, Villamizar decides that he must go to Medellín and meet Escobar face-to-face. His efforts to locate Escobar begin with a visit to the jail where the Ochoas are incarcerated, and they promise to give Villamizar's message to Escobar. Villamizar and Escobar correspond numerous times. Villamizar explains that, in exchange for releasing the hostages, the guarantees for his surrender were in place, his life would be protected, and he would not be extradited. Escobar, however, refuses to surrender because now he wants a guarantee that Colombia's Constituent Assembly will consider the subject of extradition. In April, negotiations improve when Father Rafael García Herreros offers himself as a mediator. Escobar agrees to meet the priest in Medellín, and the two men work out conditions for the drug leader's surrender, which focus primarily on security in his prison. Escobar orders the release of Pacho and Maruja to take place in a few days, on May 20. That morning, Father García Herreros meets with President Gaviria and gives him the details of his talk with Escobar. Maruja is released at 7 o'clock that evening, 193 days after her abduction. Pacho hears the news of her release on the radio, but minutes later, he, too, is released.

On June 19, 1991, in the presence of Villamizar, Father García Herreros and others, Escobar surrenders to the Colombian authorities. He is held captive in a prison in Medellín, which he quickly turns into a "five-star hacienda." He also continues to oversee his business affairs. When the government learns of this situation, Escobar is transferred to another prison, but he escapes in the process. A massive manhunt takes place, which ends with Escobar's death on December 2, 1993.

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Section 3 Summary: Death and Release