Section 3 Summary: Death and Release

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On December 14, a capitulation decree that modifies September's decree is issued, but the two greatest obstacles to surrender are still in place: the uncertain conditions for nonextradition and a fixed time limit on pardonable crimes, meaning that crimes had to have been committed before September 5, 1990. Escobar objects to the decree, but three Medellín leaders—the Ochoa brothers—who had determined to surrender back in September to begin the process of turning themselves in.

Following this decree, several hostages—Hero Buss, Azucena Liévano, and Orlando Acevedo—are released, but in January, when two drug leaders are killed, Escobar begins to order the execution of the hostages. On January 23, a guard comes for Marina. Her body is found the next day in an empty lot. After an autopsy, her as-yet-unidentified body is buried in a mass grave. The identity of her body is not established until the following week, after the Extraditables announce her murder.

On January 25, the police raid the house in Medellín where Diana Turbay and Richard Becerra are being held on a tip that Escobar is there. Forced by the guards to flee, Diana is accidentally shot by gunfire. She is taken to a hospital where she dies from her wounds. Some Colombians believe that this action was actually a rescue raid—an action which the captors previously had promised to respond to by killing the hostages. President Gaviria orders an investigation to look into the matter. Its findings, released in April, maintain that the decision to raid was based on the chance of catching Escobar. The investigation was unable to determine if Diana was shot by the police or by the captors.

On January 29, a third version of the capitulation decree is issued, which no longer includes a time limit for pardonable crimes and guarantees non-extradition. Although this final version was already in the works, many Colombians believe it is a response to Diana's death. The Extraditables announce that they will cancel the forthcoming executions as well as release one of the hostages.

Pacho has access to television and newspapers, so he knows about Diana and Marina. Maruja and Beatriz, however, are left to wonder what happened to Marina, although one of their guards reveals news of Diana's death. Toward the end of January, they begin to hear rumors that two hostages would be freed; on February 9, Beatriz is released. Once home, she is careful not to reveal clues that would lead to Maruja's whereabouts and a police raid. She also learns of Marina's death.

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