Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

The Newpointe 911 series presents the Christian perspective in a suspense and mystery format appealing to modern readers. The continuing cast of characters must face personal and community catastrophes while maintaining their Christian beliefs and faith and learn to accept that God’s plan may force them to put their own plans aside. The five books in the series portray the many difficulties faced by Christians in maintaining their faith while struggling to understand how a loving God could allow horrible things to happen to good people. In showing how the faithful are tested, the series highlights one of the oldest precepts of Christianity, dating back to Job, that the righteous will suffer hardships and that they must maintain their faith.

The series also presents a stark battle between good and evil and shows how that battle sometimes consumes the lives of good people. The most graphic example is the final book in the series, Line of Duty, in which a mass murder was committed by a man who was driven to evil acts by corruption and the evil of others. Through most of the series, the crimes take second place to the everyday crises faced by Newpointe residents. Marriages are shaken by suspected infidelity, past troubles explode in the present, and friendships are strained. The characters must rely on divine guidance throughout their lives while asking questions of faith on why God allows suffering to continue.