The New New Thing Themes
by Michael Lewis

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The New New Thing Themes

The New New Thing is a nonfiction book by journalist Michael M. Lewis. The overall theme of the book is the partial-biography of Silicon Valley entrepreneur James H. Clark. Simply called "Jim," Clark became known for investing in dozens of successful start-ups during the tech boom that went on to birth the whole Silicon Valley economic phenomenon.

The book also explores Clark's obsession with creating an automated ship, the Hyperion, that would cross the Atlantic Ocean from Amsterdam without any human manipulation or intervention. Although it seems the majority of the book focuses on Clark's artificial intelligence project, it touches on the theme of technological innovation.

Clark's display of high levels of innovation, creativity and tenacity shows how Silicon Valley became what it is today. Those same characteristics that Clark displays is what many other entrepreneurs and computer scientists and engineers possessed. It was that collective mindset and industriousness that led to the tech boom, which is considered the Industrial Revolution 2.0.

As the title suggests, Clark has a futurist mindset. He is always looking towards the future. Once he finishes a project or successfully invests in a new venture, he is quick to move on to the "new new thing." Clark believes that technological progress and innovation can only be achieved through this type of forward-thinking approach.