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The New New Thing by Michael Lewis is a book about the technology and internet revolution in the late 1990s. Michael Lewis is an American author and is known for his best-selling works such as Boomerang and Panic. In this book, the author reveals the contributions of Jim Clark during this period. One of the main themes in the book is technology. Lewis explains how it has changed over the years. The book focuses on the three IT startups by Jim Clark, which ended up being billion-dollar corporations in Silicon Valley. In particular, the author explains the role Jim Clark played in the advancement of technology. He notes,

. . . he turned people’s lives upside-down and subjected them to the most vicious force a human being can be subjected to, change.

Despite the book being an interesting read, it is outdated since the events that the author talks about are not relevant today. The book is captivating; however, the author spends too much time writing about Jim Clark sailing his boat. Moreover, despite Clark’s selfish character, Lewis tries to paint him in a positive light. Nonetheless, the author does a commendable job in character development as he explains personal things about Clark after going on a 16-day boat cruise with him.