Bella, the narrator and protagonist of the story, is an eighteen-year-old human girl who is in love with a vampire, Edward. Edward breaks her heart and leaves her alone to pick up the pieces. Throughout most of the novel she is numb and broken, just trying to hold it together enough for her father’s sake. Eventually she bonds with Jacob, a local Quileute boy, and they become best friends. While she still struggles with her feelings for Edward, she also comes to appreciate Jacob and even to love him, but only as a friend. Struggling with the empty void in her heart, Bella seeks danger in order to evoke memories of Edward. Bella discovers that Edward is in trouble and rushes off to save him because she still loves him, and would rather risk her life than to have him hurt. She wishes to become a vampire and spend eternity with Edward, an issue that is discussed at length at the end of the novel.

Jacob, Bella’s best friend, also has a secret. He is a very talented mechanic and devoted friend and son, but halfway through the novel he becomes a werewolf. As a werewolf, he is a protector of humans and an enemy of vampires. Jacob falls in love with Bella and hopes that she will eventually return his feelings. He is protective and caring toward her, and will do almost anything for her. However, because he is a werewolf, he refuses to be around her as long as she is with the vampire family, the Cullens.

Edward is the vampire that Bella is in love with. He loves Bella so much that he feels that being around her puts her in danger. Edward chooses to leave her in order to save her, but his plan fails miserably. Bella is despondent and resorts to self-damaging acts. Edward is not present for the bulk of the novel, but the reader discovers that he lived in misery without Bella, and at the end of the novel, when he believes that Bella has died, he goes to commit suicide. Edward does not want to live in a world in which Bella does not exist, and he resorts to desperate measures to kill himself. When Bella comes to save him, he does his best to protect her, and...

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