The New Humanists Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Irving Babbitt
Literature and the American College: Essays in Defense of the Humanities (criticism) 1908
New Laokoön: An Essay on the Confusion in the Arts (criticism) 1910
The Masters of Modern French Literature (criticism) 1912
Rousseau and Romanticism (criticism) 1919
Democracy and Leadership (criticism) 1924
French Literature (criticism) 1928
On Being Creative and Other Essays (criticism) 1932

Kenyon Cox
The Classical Point of View (criticism) 1912

George Roy Elliott
The Cycle of Modern Poetry (criticism) 1929
Humanism and Imagination (criticism) 1938

Norman Foerster
American Literature (criticism) 1923
American Criticism: A Study in Literary Theory from Poe to the Present (criticism) 1928
Reinterpretation of American Literature (criticism) 1928
The American Scholar (criticism) 1930
Humanism and America: Essays on the Outlook of Modern Civilisation [editor] (criticism) 1930
Towards Standards: A Study of the Cultural Movement in American Letters (criticism) 1930
The American State University: Its Relation to Democracy (criticism) 1937
The Future of the Liberal Arts College (criticism) 1938

C. Hartley Grattan
The Critique of Humanism: A Symposium [editor] (criticism) 1930

Frank Jewett Mather Jr.
Modern Painting (criticism) 1926

Paul Elmer More
Shelburne Essays. 14 vols. (criticism) 1904-21
Aristocracy and Justice (criticism) 1915
Aristocracy and Tradition (criticism) 1917
Platonism (criticism) 1917
The Greek Tradition. 6 vols. (criticism) 1921-27
The Religion of Plato (criticism) 1921
Hellenistic Philosophies (criticism) 1923
The Christ of the New Testament (criticism) 1924
The Demon of the Absolute (criticism) 1928

Gorham B. Munson
Destinations (criticism) 1928

George Santayana
The Genteel Tradition at Bay (criticism) 1931

Robert Shaver
Progress and Science (criticism) 1922
Christianity and Naturalism (criticism) 1926
Paul Elmer More and American Criticism (criticism) 1935

Stuart Pratt Sherman
Matthew Arnold: How to Know Him (criticism) 1917
On Contemporary Literature (criticism) 1917
Americans (criticism) 1922
The Genius of America (criticism) 1923