The New England Colonies

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What are some facts about the New England colonies?

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There are many interesting facts about the New England Colonies. First, New England is considered a region instead of an actual state. It is made up of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. All of these were founded in the 1630s. Another important fact is that the region was very Puritanical. The colonies were founded for the Puritans to escape religious persecution. Ironically, the Puritans did not accept any other religion in New England.

Economically, the New England colonies focused on fishing and trading. The geography of the region consisted of thick forests and rocky soils, which made farming extremely difficult. The Pilgrims founded Plymouth in 1620, the very first colony near present Massachusetts. The governments of the New England colonies were Royal Charters. This meant that they were given land tracts by the King, and he could revoke this charter at any moment.

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