The New Deal

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How did the 1930's New Deal modernize U.S. politics?

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I would say that one of the most significant ways in which the New Deal brought the United States into the modern world in that it provided a vision in which government has an extended role in providing help to its citizens.  This is something that is continually debated today and forms the basis of modern political discourse in the United States, today. The basic premise of the New Deal is that the problems that individuals faced were so challenging and daunting that government could be seen as playing a role to help and provide both short- term and long-term relief to its citizens.  This was one of the most significant volleys in a debate that has occupied center stage in the current American political discourse.  The modern political climate is more of a discussion of the role of government and whether or not it should be moving into the domain of playing a large role in the lives of its individuals.  The current American debate about health care and the Congressional passed mandate is one such realm in which its modern existence is owed to, in large extent, the role that the New Deal envisioned for government.  It is here where the measures featured in the New Deal were significant in terms of moving America into a modern political debate in which the role of government would be assessed and reassessed.  

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