Never Cry Wolf Ideas for Reports and Papers
by Farley Mowat

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. Never Cry Wolf suggests that human beings, not wolves, are ruthless killers who slaughter for pleasure. Show how the myths of violence are proved false for wolves but are shown to be true for human beings.

2. Trace Mowat's change in attitude toward the wolves.

3. Some people believe that Mowat relies too much on Wolf Juice as a way of curing his problems. Do you agree?

4. How does Mowat use humor to reveal his own character? What lessons do the humorous episodes in Never Cry Wolf teach?

5. Some critics say that Mowat mixes too much fiction into his true story about wolves. For example, critics do not believe that Ootek actually could speak with wolves. Do you believe that a book must be true throughout, or may it contain some fictional elements as long as the main ideas are true?

6. Mowat has a hard time coming to understand wolf society, and the Eskimos— particularly Ootek and Mike— have difficulty understanding Mowat and his research. What misunderstandings make it difficult for the Eskimos to accept Mowat and his experiments?

7. Walt Disney Productions created a motion picture version of Never Cry Wolf in 1983. Compare the film and the book. Which is better? Why?