What stories about wolves did Mowat receive in 'Never Cry Wolf'?

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The stories that Mowat had been told are the cliche stories we all have heard about wolves.  He was told that the wolves were vicious, and would turn on each other, cannibalizing their mates and their young.  He was told that the wolves were decimating the caribou population, killing them in large numbers.  He was told that the wolves presented a large threat to humans, attacking without provocation and even hunting people in the local settlements.

In truth, none of this was true.  The wolves were not responsible for the caribou, when really it is encroaching human development that has caused the drop in population.  The wolves he observed had very developed and "humanistic" communities, mating for life and caring for their young with obvious love.  The wolves avoided humans, attacking only when feeling threatened.  If anything, they showed a tendency to develop relationships with the human communities, as they did Ootek from the Eskimo community.

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