Never Cry Wolf is set in the late 1940s in the middle of Keewatin, the easternmost district of Canada's vast Northwest Territories....

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Literary Qualities

Because Mowat wishes to impart an important message in Never Cry Wolf, he presents his true story in a simple and direct manner....

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Social Sensitivity

Mowat advances a respect for life and an environmental ethic in Never Cry Wolf. Criticizing those members of society who, like the...

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Topics for Discussion

1. Mowat pokes fun at government bureaucrats who plan research projects without being properly informed. How does he make these government...

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

1. Never Cry Wolf suggests that human beings, not wolves, are ruthless killers who slaughter for pleasure. Show how the myths of...

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Related Titles / Adaptations

In 1983 Walt Disney Productions released a film version of Never Cry Wolf, starring Charles Martin Smith as the Mowat character,...

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For Further Reference

Kenney, Harry C. "Amber Eyes in the Arctic." Christian Science Monitor (October 3, 1963): 11. Kenney's review of Never Cry Wolf...

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