Neil (Leslie) Diamond

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Peter Reilly

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Here's Neil Diamond, the Bard of the American middle class (the "feeling" part, that is), throwing his considerable box-office weight around in another garish album [Love at the Greek], this one recorded before a packed audience at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The warmth of the appreciation from Diamond's pin-drop-quiet audience as he slobbered his way through something like his five-song tone poem Jonathan Livingston Seagull was probably enough to melt a box of opera creme chocolates on that historic night…. Diamond also runs through such of his other lollipops as Stargazer and The Last Picasso to the uproarious delight and deep-deep feeling of his audience. Just think, they've banned saccharin and let Neil Diamond go absolutely free! There is no justice.

Peter Reilly, in a review of "Love at the Greek," in Stereo Review, Vol. 38, No. 6, June, 1977, p. 96.

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