Nectar in a Sieve Part One, Chapters 5-11: Questions and Answers

Kamala Markandaya

Part One, Chapters 5-11: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is the matchmaker that finds a husband for Ira?

2. Why does Ira’s husband return her?

3. Why do Arjun and Thambi decide to join the tannery?

4. What does Old Granny say to Rukmani when she worries about Ira’s fate?

5. What is Deepvali?

1. Old Granny serves as Ira’s matchmaker.

2. Ira is unable to conceive a child, and therefore she serves her husband little purpose.

3. After the monsoon, which almost drove the family to starvation, Arjun sees that farming does not offer security. Thambi also realizes that his father will not be able to ever save enough to purchase his land, and he would rather work for the tannery and earn more money than farm another man’s land. The tannery offers higher wages than what they would earn as farmers.

4 Old Granny reminds Rukmani that one should accept one’s fate and that one can get used to one’s lot in life.

5. Deepvali is the festival of Light, which is a major holiday in the Hindu tradition.