Part One, Chapters 18-23: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why do the other children in the village ostracize Sacrabani?

2. Kenny had been gone from the village for many months. What was the purpose of his trip?

3. Why does Selvam decide to work as Kenny’s assistant?

4. While Rukmani is pleased that Selvam will work as Kenny’s assistant, she is worried. What does she worry about?

5. What bad news does Sivaji bring to Nathan and Rukmani?

1. Sacrabani is afflicted with albinism, and the other children tease him because of his appearance. They also taunt him by calling him a bastard because he was born out of wedlock.

2. Kenny had returned to England to raise funds to build a hospital in the town, and he has now returned to oversee its construction.

3. Selvam, although he has tried, realizes that he has no talent as a farmer. However, he is very intelligent and has independently advanced in academic studies, and he welcomes the opportunity to learn medicine from Kenny.

4. Rukmani worries that people will degrade Selvam by insinuating that he was given the apprenticeship because they believe, wrongly, that Rukmani is Kenny’s mistress.

5. Sivaji informs Nathan and Rukmani that their land is going to be sold and that they must vacate it.

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