Nectar in a Sieve Part One, Chapters 5-11: Summary and Analysis

Kamala Markandaya

Part One, Chapters 5-11: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Sivaji: The collector for the landlord.

Kuti: Rukmani’s youngest son.

Ira, now fourteen years of age, is ready to be married, and Rukmani obtains the assistance of Old Granny as a matchmaker. Because Ira is exceptionally beautiful, Old Granny is able to get her a very good match to the first son of a landowner without a significant dowry. On the day of her wedding, Rukmani dresses her daughter in her own red wedding sari, and Nathan and Rukmani hold a very festive wedding for her, complete with musicians. Ira is taken away to her husband’s new home; she will not see her parents for several years to come.

Bad times come upon...

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