Nectar in a Sieve Part One, Chapters 2-4: Summary and Analysis

Kamala Markandaya

Part One, Chapters 2-4: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Irawaddy (also known as Ira): Nathan and Rukmani’s first-born child and a girl of exceptional beauty.

Kennington (also known as Kenny): A white doctor who befriends Rukmani and her family.

Biswas: The village moneylender, described by Rukmani as oily and unpleasant in character.

Old Granny: An old vegetable lender who lives in the streets of the village.

Arjun, Thambi, Raja, and Selvam: The sons of Nathan and Rukmani.

Kannan the chakkli: A cobbler who lives in Rukmani’s town.

Rukmani, herself now pregnant, helps her neighbor Kunthi give birth to her first son, in spite of Kunthi’s...

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