Nectar in a Sieve Part One, Chapters 18-23: Summary and Analysis

Kamala Markandaya

Part One, Chapters 18-23: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Sacrabani: Ira’s albino son who is the product of her prostitution.

Kenny had mysteriously disappeared from the village during the time of the drought, but he has now returned. When he returns, Rukmani fills him in on the hardships they faced from the recent draught. They had all nearly starved to death, she has lost two sons, and now Ira faces an out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

Rukmani indicates that she accepts what fate brings her, but Kenny interprets her acceptance of fate as complacency. When she says that they “are taught to bear our sorrow in silence, and all this is so that the soul may be cleansed,” he grows angry and frustrated...

(The entire section is 944 words.)