Nectar in a Sieve Part One, Chapters 12-17: Summary and Analysis

Kamala Markandaya

Part One, Chapters 12-17: Summary and Analysis

Arjun and Thambi, who have been working at the tannery for many months, lead a workers’ strike against the tannery owners to demand higher wages. Rukmani, who believes that their wage of one rupee per day is ample, does not understand their complaints. When the tannery announces that those who will not return to work will be replaced, Arjun and Thambi stick to their principles, but many others return. The strike fails, and Arjun and Thambi are left unemployed. Nathan becomes the sole provider for the family, and once again the family faces poverty.

When word is sent that there is need of laborers in Ceylon, an island to the south of the Indian subcontinent and far from their village,...

(The entire section is 1369 words.)