Topics for Further Study

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Consider the main identifying characteristics of Naturalism, and choose three films that you believe reflect naturalistic ideas. Write a review of each film, explaining the characteristics of Naturalism that you see in it.

After Naturalism came Modernism, a period that produced fiction, drama, and poetry expressing the experiences and attitudes of wartime and postwar writers. Research this period and its major contributors and create a presentation in which you demonstrate how Modernism grew out of, or in reaction to, Naturalism. Be sure to consider historical influences.

The photography of Edward Curtis is often associated with the naturalist movement. His subject matter was primarily the dwindling Native- American population and culture. Examine some of his photographs and decide if you would classify him with the naturalists or with the romantic Western writers. (You will need to learn a little about the characteristics of romantic Western writing.) Explain your position in a well-organized essay that makes references to specific photographs.

Read a naturalist work of your choice, paying particular attention to the author’s use of symbolism. Write an essay discussing examples of symbolism in the work and how the symbols used relate to Naturalism.

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