Sections 20–21 Summary

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Henry meets Grace and Pete, coworkers from the agency, to turn over Kwang's donor list. This is Henry's final assignment before his resignation. Henry reflects on this event; he is leaving them all, Jack, Hoagland, and John Kwang.

Henry has not told Lelia that Kwang was behind the bombing. He does not want to put Lelia in any more danger than she already is as his wife. Henry suspects Hoagland is capable of doing anything, including murdering those he believes might be in his way. Henry also has decided not to tell Hoagland about Kwang's involvement in the explosion and Eduardo's death; Hoagland will have to discover that himself. Henry refrains from divulging these details out of a lingering respect for Kwang, whom he embraced as a father figure.

Henry meets Grace and Pete at a local restaurant. He comments on their tans. They have been on assignment in the Bahamas. Henry stops Grace from giving information about the client; he does not want to know. When Pete tells Henry that Hoagland thinks Henry has done a great job with Kwang, Henry does not believe him. Henry is very suspicious about most of what Pete has to say. Pete and Grace eventually leave with the papers, parting as superficial friends.

Later, Henry learns that Kwang has been in a car accident. There are pictures on the news. Apparently Kwang's car hit a concrete divider on the ramp ascending a bridge. Kwang's left eye is swollen almost shut. An airbag saved Kwang from further damage. Unfortunately, the 16-year-old girl in Kwang's car was not as lucky and is in a coma. Kwang says that he was giving her a ride home from the restaurant where she worked.

When Henry meets Janice, she tells him that it is all over now. There is no way to save the campaign. Kwang is missing. When Janice calls Sherrie's apartment, no one answers. Henry helps Janice make more calls to everyone who might have seen Kwang, but no one knows where he is. The late news reports evidence from the Immigration and Naturlization Service of a community money club that Kwang supervised. The donor names on the list of Henry turned over to Hoagland apparently included people in the States illegally. These people have since been rounded up, the head of the Immigration Service states. The girl in Kwang's car also was illegally in the country.

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