Sections 16–17 Summary

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Henry goes to the burnt-out campaign headquarters, where Janice and other staff have congregated to salvage materials. While there, they learn that Eduardo and the janitor had been working late and were killed. Eduardo's family has gathered outside and are holding a vigil.

Henry immediately goes to Eduardo's desk, which was next to his. He sorts through the drawers and fills a box with things he thinks Eduardo's family might cherish. Outside, he places the box near Eduardo's mother.

Later Henry talks to Sherrie, Kwang's assistant, who tells him to take notes from the authorities. They suspect the office was bombed. Sherrie suggests the fire marshal give few details to the press to avoid riots. There has been a lot of tension; she fears the mention of a bomb might spark a race war.

As soon as he can, Henry calls his agency. He grills Jack, asking if the agency had anything to do with the bombing. Although Jack denies this, Henry doesn't know if he can trust him. He returns to Sherrie, who says they are moving headquarters to Kwang's house. She also requests that Henry write a report about the fire and give it to Kwang that day. She gives Henry an envelope filled with money for Eduardo's family. When Henry asks why Kwang does not give it, Sherrie tells him Kwang is devastated by Eduardo's death and not ready to face the media.

Henry finds a throng of reporters outside Kwang's house. The news crews are hungry for anything interesting to report. They shout questions at the windows. Kwang has forbidden campaign workers from speaking to the press.

Sherrie confides to Henry that Kwang wants to offer him a more important position. When Henry hesitates, Sherrie warns him not to waste his life and a great opportunity. Henry says he will think about it. Sherrie also wants Henry to meet with Kwang. People are wondering why Kwang has not yet made a statement. They want to know whom Kwang suspects. Some are even hinting that Kwang is acting like a coward. Sherrie wants Henry to encourage Kwang to speak to the press.

The next day, when Henry is with Kwang, the politician also speaks of a more permanent position for Henry. Henry replies that he had never considered being in politics. Kwang tells Henry that he wants him to take over Eduardo's duties, accounting for campaign contributions.

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