Section 19 Summary

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Henry does not like what he sees. Kwang looks old and weary. When he finally agrees to a media appearance, he does so in front of the burnt headquarters. Janice believes this is a big mistake; the image implies that the campaign itself has been destroyed. Kwang appears like a broken man. He stutters, his voice cracks, his English is no longer as perfect. Henry thinks Kwang looks too ordinary, like any man on the street. Kwang does not answer all questions. One, about Eduardo's $1000-a-month apartment, seems to startle him. Who financed this? How could Eduardo, a student volunteer, have afforded this? Kwang walks away as if he has not heard the question.

Later, Kwang's volunteers speculate about Eduardo's apartment. Janice finally announces the official answer, that Kwang knew nothing about the apartment, which does not really satisfy anyone's curiosity. Henry guesses that Kwang financed the place, thinking Eduardo deserved it. Either that or Eduardo was skimming money. That night, Henry goes over the old ledgers Eduardo kept before he died. He finds nothing amiss.

Ever since Eduardo's death, Henry feels, Kwang has been failing. Political polls show his popularity falling. Kwang still has supporters, but Henry wonders why they are so quiet. Fewer people work at headquarters. Even Sherrie has been staying away. Kwang sent his wife and sons to the country to escape reporters. Henry stays as close as he can, as Janice has asked him to do. She wants Henry to keep an eye on Kwang and encourage him to find inner strength.

One night, with no one around, Kwang comes to the basement and tells Henry he wants him to drive him downtown. They end up at Sherrie's apartment building. It is three in the morning, but Sherrie comes to the car when Henry calls for her. Henry drives them to a Korean club, as Kwang has directed him. In a private room upstairs, Kwang and Sherrie fight. Kwang is so upset that he hurts Sherrie and she runs away from him. Before Henry leaves, Kwang tells him that he knew Eduardo was betraying him. Kwang thinks Eduardo was reporting to De Roos, the current mayor whom Kwang was contemplating running against. Kwang left it to neighborhood thugs to punish Eduardo. Kwang claims he did not know the gang would use such serious tactics and did not want Eduardo to die.

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