Native Son Book 2: Flight Questions and Answers

Richard Wright

Book 2: Flight Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What experience causes Bigger to look with disgust at his family’s tenement room?

2. What lie does Bigger tell to Mr. and Mrs. Dalton and Mr. Britten, to make them think that Jan must know something about Mary’s disappearance?

3. Why does Bigger keep the Communist pamphlets Jan has given him, and what happens when they are discovered?

4. Why does Bessie drink liquor, and what does her drinking have to do with her relationship to Bigger?

5. How does Bessie give Bigger the idea to pretend Mary has been kidnapped, and then to try to extort ransom money from the Daltons?

6. How does Bigger use the ransom note to cast suspicion about Mary’s disappearance on the Communists?

7. What does Bigger do that leads to the discovery of Mary’s remains, and why does he do it?

8. Who finds Mary’s remains, and under what circumstances does he find them?

9. Why does Bigger force Bessie to flee with him, and why does he kill her?

10. What crime besides murder do the whites who are hunting for Bigger assume that he has committed, and why do they assume this? Has Bigger committed this crime?

1. Bigger is filled with disgust and shame at his family’s cramped and dirty room after he has seen the Daltons’ magnificent and spacious home.

2. Bigger tells them that he drove both Jan and Mary back to the Dalton house last night, when in fact he had dropped Jan off and returned home with only Mary.

3. Bigger keeps the pamphlets, because he intends to use them to throw more suspicion on Jan. Ultimately, he manages to do so, but not before Mr....

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