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Characters Discussed

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Auberon Quinn

Auberon Quinn, an Englishman of the late twentieth century, a man who sees humor in life. Chosen by lot to be the king of England, he tries to brighten London life by reviving medieval pageantry and splendor. Acting as a reporter, he is killed in the battle at Notting Hill, but he dies happy because he restored laughter to London.


Barker, one of Quinn’s friends. He thinks Quinn dangerous and foolish and so objects when Quinn is chosen as king of England.


Lambert, another of Quinn’s friends. He shares Barker’s views about Quinn.

Mr. Buck

Mr. Buck, a linen draper made provost of North Kensington by King Auberon. He goes to battle with the provost of Notting Hill over a road through London.

Adam Wayne

Adam Wayne, the provost of Notting Hill. As a nine-year-old, he had unwittingly inspired King Auberon to reintroduce medieval customs into London. He loves Notting Hill’s narrow streets and fights against the broad highway. He is killed defending his beloved London district but dies happy, having brought love back to London.

Mr. Turnbull

Mr. Turnbull, the keeper of a toy shop. He helps Adam Wayne plan the defenses of Notting Hill and lets him use a toy fort and lead soldiers in making the battle plans.

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