What quotes demonstrate Naomi's willingness to continue their relationship?

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There are many quotes that underscore Naomi’s need to maintain her manipulative and controlling relationship with Joji. The “friends’ kiss” part, the “male hysteria” moments, and the shaving scene all feature quotes that show that Naomi gets quite a bit of satisfaction in keeping the exploitative relationship alive.

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There are many quotes that demonstrate that Naomi is still interested in continuing her relationship with Joji after he banishes her.

Let's take a moment to discuss the use of the word “relationship.” That word strikes me as too innocuous and inoffensive for what Naomi does to Joji. It might be more accurate to say that the following quotes provide evidence that Naomi wants to continue to tease, tempt, and manipulate Joji.

Anyway, one quote that comes to mind is the “friends’ kiss.” The “friends’ kiss” takes place in the scene when Naomi tries to change with her back toward Joji. He stares at her, so she has to go into another room. She returns and says, “Joji, you’ve been a good boy. I’ll give you a kiss.” She clarifies, “That’s a friends’ kiss.”

Again, the “friends’ kiss” literally tells the reader that she still wants to be friends with Joji. Of course, Naomi’s definition of “friend” might be a tad different than a more general definition of “friend.”

More evidence that underscores Naomi’s inclination to keep Joji close comes through her daily visits to Joji. If she didn’t want to keep a “relationship,” she probably wouldn’t visit him on a daily basis. Yet these visits seem more harmful than helpful. As Joji reveals:

I was formed by frenzied attacks of what might be called male hysteria. Since she came every day, the attacks also came at the rate of one a day.

Then again, Joji’s “hysteria” seems to be an attraction for Naomi. After one particularly hysterical night, Naomi tells Joji, “It was fun. I want to make you do it again.

One more quote that showcases Naomi's desire to continue to exploit or take advantage of Joji is when she asks him to shave her without touching her skin. She says:

You don’t have to touch me. You can apply the soap with a brush, and you’ll be using a Gillette razor. In a barbershop, the assistants don’t touch you if they’re any good.

This quote, like the others, illuminates Naomi’s need to keep this teasing, rather tortuous relationship alive. The shaving scene suggests that this relationship is not a relationship of equals but more of a master/slave or master/servant relationship. Naomi could be the master. Joji might be the slave/servant.

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