What quotes show Joji's desire to continue his relationship with Naomi?

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There are many quotes that highlight Joji’s need to maintain his relationship with Naomi. There’s the quote in which he admits he can’t “cure” himself from his love for Naomi. There’s the quote where he reveals that he pretends they’re playing horse again. And there’s the quote where he confesses that he likes how Naomi tempts him.

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After Joji banishes Naomi, he seems to regret his actions almost right away. There are many quotes that highlight Joji's enduring fondness for Naomi and his desire to maintain a relationship.

One quote that draws attention to the almost inextricable need Joji has for Naomi is when Joji says,

For a long time, I tried to think of a way to cure myself of this love, but I was unsuccessful. I could only recall how beautiful she’d been.

It seems like Joji’s love for Naomi is more sickness than love. The word “cure” implies that something might be wrong with Joji. Perhaps he loves Naomi too much. Perhaps his love isn’t love but an obsession or an infatuation. Maybe that’s why Joji is so determined to maintain his connection with Naomi—she’s, metaphorically speaking, infected him with an incurable disease.

Another quote that shows the extent to which Joji wants Naomi back is when he talks about playing horse with Naomi. He says if Namoi came back, the first thing they’d do is play horse again. Yet Joji does more than fantasize about playing horse with Naomi. Joji writes:

In the excess of my love, I got down on all fours and crawled around and around the room as though her body were resting firmly on my back even now. And then—I’m ashamed to write it—I went upstairs, took out her old clothes, piled them on my back, put her socks on my hands, and crawled around that room, too.

Indeed, Joji wants Naomi back so badly that he’s recreating her with her clothes.

One more quote that highlights Joji’s rather fanatical need to be with Naomi comes when Naomi freely admits that she’s blackmailing and manipulating Joji. Yet Joji doesn’t care. He just wants to be with her. As Joji says, “Though I said I was afraid of her temptations, the truth is that I looked forward to them.”

It seems like Naomi can demean and humiliate Joji all she wants. It doesn’t matter. Joji will tolerate constant mistreatment so long as their relationship can continue.

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